Correct Physical Imbalances with Personalized Yoga at Tri Massage

Posted on January 19th, 2011, by relax

Receive Hands-On Instruction to Improve Flexibility and Function

Personal Trainer, Kevin Cody of PHASE Fitness Yoga is offering personal instruction tailored to your ability and fitness level at our office beginning January 23rd! Classes will be held on Sundays mornings at 10 am and Tuesday evenings at 6:30 pm.

These small group sessions are designed to teach you proper technique and fundamentals, while providing a routine for regular use. READ MORE….Through consistent practice, you will progress from simple movements to more complex as your body and mind improve their coordination. Since each class will have no more than 4 participants, you will receive hands on instruction rather than just watching a demonstration in a crowd.

This unique approach to exercise is designed to correct the physical imbalances caused by your body’s tendency to specialize. While it is a crucial component of any workout regimen, it is especially useful for athletes to avoid injury and over training, as well as anyone who has chronic pain from inefficient, repetitive movement. No matter what your fitness goal, PHASE Fitness Yoga will give your mind and body the tools to succeed. Come and join one class for $50 or make the commitment to improve your flexibility and sign up for a package and pay as little as $40 per session.

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