Career Choice: Massage Therapy

Posted on July 30th, 2006, by relax

Are you the person who usually provides your family members or co-workers with the occasional five minute neck or back rub?  Are you interested in learning more about human anatomy and physiology but might not be interested in the standard medical professions and, are a believer in the benefits of massage therapy?  Do you seek a profession, which helps others directly? Today massage therapy is an increasingly popular career choice for someone who is seeking either a new career path or venturing into the working world.   

For someone who is interested in field of massage therapy there are several things to consider.  Because each state has different laws regulating the profession of massage, you should contact your state office to learn of their requirements.  You can find a quick list for those states, which regulate the profession by going to this site:

The next step is locating an accredited school that will satisfy your state’s requirements and provide a quality education for your investment.  It is advised to spend some time and do some research in this area, in order to locate the school that meets your needs.  The first step is finding all of the available schools in your area.  You can do a search on the web; look in the phone book or request a list of schools from your state’s education department.  There are some community colleges, which now offer massage therapy programs.  You should contact each school to find out more about the curriculum that they offer.  Talk to some of their past graduates who are practicing in the local massage therapy centers, chiropractic offices or spas and who have first-hand knowledge of the quality of the education they received.  There may be an opportunity to take an introductory course for those interested in the profession at one of the schools.   This is an excellent way for you to test out your interest in the field and find out more about the potential learning environment.

Once you have completed your education and passed your national certification exam or even while you are still in massage school, you will find that there will be many opportunities to augment your skills beyond the basic training in massage therapy.  Focusing in at least one area, such as sports massage or neuromuscular therapy, for example, will give you additional skills that potential clients may be looking for.   It is best to find an approved continuing education provider through the National Certification Board, in order to satisfy their recommended number of Continuing Education Units needed to re-certify.   You will develop your skills not only through the continuing education classes but also as you practice your skills with your clients and receive massage from other practitioners.  Have fun; you have made a great career choice!

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