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Posted on October 22nd, 2011, by relax

Stretching to many people, is like eating vegetables.  We know it is good for us but when given a choice – we choose our favorite activity or favorite side dish over what we can benefit from more!   Our mind-set in sports seems to be to “just do it”  And, we continue to be misinformed and uninformed on the proper techniques of stretching and the many benefits of maintaining optimal flexibility.  We shy away from stretching for many reasons but most seem to stem from a lack of knowledge and a fear of injury. The ebook series by Marjorie Brook which is now available for purchase, not only offers detailed instructions and photos for each stretch but the science behind stretching and strengthening for our bodies.  For those unfamiliar with AIS (or Active Isolated Stretching), among other characteristics, this type of stretching is active, it is extremely precise and it is gentle.  No pain is YOUR gain with this technique that works with your muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia, not against them. It may be used to warm up before an activity or  to cool down after.  It can be used as a stand alone activity to get you through a hard day – sitting in front of the computer or driving in long hours of traffic.  It is for all, and, it will help you maintain a body that moves easier and feels younger.

Marjorie’s ebook format makes it easy to view each stretch from your digital screen or it may be printed out, if you prefer to have a paper version.  There are seven volumes and each one addresses a different area of the body (ie neck, arms, hands and wrists, legs, back and hips, feet and lower legs).  Choose the manual you most need or get them all!  They all offer introductory information, great photos, very detailed instructions and tips on proper body positioning to help achieve the most benefit from each stretch. Utilize this great tool to increase your flexibility, range of motion and to prevent injury or to aid in a quicker recovery.  Now, that you know what is involved and how good you will feel, you may choose the broccoli over the french fries!

Click here to view and to purchase the ebook series:  Flexibility First. And, remember that we do offer instructional classes for AIS (Active Isolated Stretching) at our office – check out our website for our upcoming classes!


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