Enhance your Well Being with a Massage

Posted on December 1st, 2011, by relax

We offer different types of massage services and classes at Tri Massage. You may wonder which service and which massage therapist to select – especially, at your first visit.  You may choose from the many different types of massage described as a single technique like A.R.T., Myofascial Release technique, Neurosoma, Lymph Drainage Therapy or Assisted Stretching, or you may choose to try a Therapeutic Massage.

A Therapeutic Massage session will consist of a mix of massage techniques that each massage therapist has learned and mastered in her own unique style to best address the needs of each individual client. For new clients who have a specific issue, we recommend starting with a 60 minute session to allow the massage therapist ample time to assess the contributing factors associated with the main issue. For our sports minded clients, a therapeutic massage will be a good choice for you because a sports massage similarly, employs different techniques into one session.

You will find that each massage therapist  has had a different educational focus and has developed a unique approach to her sessions therefore, it is always good to try more than one to find which person and which technique works best for you.  As Hot Stone Massage and Rain Drop Therapy Sessions require set up time and additional materials, these sessions must be selected separately.

You may choose your massage service and massage therapist through our website’s scheduling service.  Sherry works here Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  Sharon takes appointments on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and will take single appointments by request.  Tracey is available at the office on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  A complete description of our services and massage therapists can be found at www.trimassage.com.  Always feel free to email us or use our waiting list for your special request.

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