Medical QiGong – What is this and how can I benefit?

Posted on December 2nd, 2011, by relax

Medical Qigong is an energy healing modality, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Many people are familiar with Reiki, and these two modalities have much in common. However, Medical Qigong is more sophisticated in that the practitioner actively but gently manipulates the energy of the client. The results can be dramatic improvement in the health and well-being of the client, as their energy is recharged and balanced. Medical Qigong is effective with a wide variety of health problems, including emotional issues. It is particularly helpful in releasing stress-related tension and anxiety.

Medical Qigong sessions usually last about an hour. Clients lie fully-clothed on a massage table and simply relax. You may experience the energy work in a variety of ways: physical feelings such as realignment or softening, more subtle feelings of tingling or warmth, or perhaps more exotic sensations of colors or sounds. Whatever the experiences may be, they are not the purpose of the session. Rather, the intent is restore your balance and vitality and put a spring in your step. It’s the lasting changes that matter.

You do not need to be suffering from a serious illness to benefit from a Medical Qigong session. Many people enjoy the sessions as a wellness practice with deep relaxation and restoration. Athletes – like martial artists of the past and present – enjoy the deep relaxation, internal calm, and enhanced focus.  Sessions of Medical QiGong are available at the offices of Tri Massage and  may be scheduled with Keith Harrington directly by contacting him at 703-946-7205 or  For additional information please go to his website at:

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